I’m that chick that thinks she’s boring, but other people seem to think I have a fascinating life for whatever reason.  I’m in love with an engineer who also happens to drive sprint cars (the weird looking cars that have wings on them sometimes – not a stock car like NASCAR).  I’m from Cleveland but live in Dallas, thanks to a job I took in 2012.  I’m an engineer that loves dogs, horses, reading, and just so happens to have generalized anxiety disorder (because life isn’t interesting enough, apparently).  I’m also a photographer, but it’s only a hobby currently.  I’m also really geeky.  I like card and board games, sci-fi shows/movies, James Bond films, and I’m an avid reader to name a few things.  I enjoy speaking of my geekery, so please don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation!

I have no idea what else to put here, soooooooo yeah.


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