“Just pack it, Shan”

In my suitcase right now, I have three skirts.  Three.  All three are different lengths and styles.  One is a maxi, one is a tea length skirt with a cute flare at the bottom, and one is tea length with a high waist and is business suit style.  All of them are black.  They’re for the weekend coming up.  I also have two different tops, one cover/long sleeve sweater type thing, and a heavier short sleeve sweater.  Again, all are in black, except for one of the tops.  I was instructed to pack all of my dressy clothes, and since it was predicted to be warmer in Cleveland than the usual around this time of year, I made sure to grab skirts.  Well, looks like I’m going to need to pack a pair of dressy pants after all.  *le sigh*  Curse your sudden yet inevitable weather betrayal, Cleveland.  I’m betting that no matter how cool it is outside, it’ll be hot inside.  I’m hot natured anyway.  Probably makes you wonder why the hell I moved to Texas in the first place, huh?

Well, when you’ve been buried in snow for 25 years of life on this earth, there comes a time when 100+F degree temperatures sound amazing when compared to the -10F and below wind chills of wintertime.  And the seemingly six months of winter.  It snowed earlier this month.  SNOWED.  Meanwhile, I was here in Texas enjoying the sunshine.  You see, I love sunshine, and I’m not much for gloomy, overcast weather.  Only 49% of the year in the Land of Cleve is full sunshine – not partly or mostly sunny…100% sunshine.  Talk about gloomy.  I think I looked up weather facts once, only to find that Seattle has more sunny days than Cleveland.  I think the only way I might make it across the pond in England would be thanks to all of the pubs.

Anyway, I digress.  My bad; I do that a lot.  So now comes the decision of which shoes I should take.  I don’t want to take both; I want to operate under the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).  My suitcase is a small (yet adorable) Mickey Mouse carry on, but it’s akin to the Tardis in the simple fact that it’s bigger on the inside.  (Yes, I’m a geeky Disney fanatic – SUE ME.)  I was able to pack a couple of my Fox shirts and my Red vs. Blue shirt (people, if you haven’t seen RVB – fix that – it’s actually been my standby with all of the grief I’ve been experiencing, and it legitimately made me laugh the other day).  I guess I’ll have to grab a long sleeve shirt, too.

My digital SLR will also be making its first trip to the Great White North (note:  this is my lovely nickname for Cleveland, especially during the wintertime because it’s fun to mess with the native Texans by informing them that you’re from the Great White North…yeah, I know I’m not Canadian, but it still gets funny when you see the terror cross their faces as they realize just how cold it gets “up north”).  I’m glad I bought a backpack style camera bag when I got the camera.  It’s going to be super helpful!

My mom had suggested checking my suitcase so that I could bring both my camera and laptop, buuuuuuuut I just got my adorable Mickey Mouse suitcase, and the thought of an airline manhandling the thing made me all sad inside.  Mickey Mouse does not deserve that treatment.  (As an aside, after purchasing said adorableness on wheels, I realized that it matches my Disney purse exactly, as it has multicolored silhouettes of Mickey himself all over…I promise you I didn’t do that on purpose.  My boyfriend does not believe me any farther than he can throw me.)  So now I have to figure out how to fit my tablet in the camera bag since I’m not sure how to reconfigure it to fit everything there.  I don’t have much in the way of equipment yet since I’m still a noob (again – I used to be old school and developed my own black and white film and such when I took the courses in high school and refused to change for the longest time…heh).

Tonight I’ll finish packing and try to get everything situated.  Easier said than done.  Ten bucks says I have a small freak out about whether or not I’m bringing the right stuff with me (I am), and I’ll get to thinking that I have to unpack everything I’ve already packed to make sure it all matches my list (it does).  The way my brain works is mystifying sometimes.


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